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Medi Wish wipes, tough on germs!

Germ contamination was yesterday - today there are Medi Wish wipes.

Medi Wish wipes were developed for use in all areas where hygiene is a priority, such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, doctor's surgeries, food processing facilities, hotels, restaurants, etc. The highly effective bioactive fibres (silver fibres) guarantee a long-lasting anti-bacterial effect, even after 50 wash cycles at 95?C (tested by the Hohenstein Institute). The silver fibres continously release silver ions that serve as a natural means for stopping germs and bacteria from growing and spreading. This means using the wipes doesn't spread germs and bacteria across cleaning surfaces. Thanks to their anti-bacterial effect, the wipes can also be washed at low temperatures, which saves energy. Stops unpleasant odours - even after repeated use!

Easy Saver, step in and get going!

Easy Saver
Just step in and move around, hygienically and clean.

The EASY Saver is a safe, easy-to-use dispenser system that helps you maintain hygienic cleanliness in all types of areas. It is used in clean rooms, hospitals, retirement homes, laboratories, wellness areas, museums, places of worship and means of transport including buses, trains and aeroplanes. The shoe cover dispenser system is user-friendly and does not require batteries or any other power source. The user simply steps into the dispenser and the shoe cover is placed over the user's shoes. The EASY Saver stops dirt and bacteria from being spread throughout buildings. The dispenser system is CE certified.

Fast Mop, creative and innovative!

Fast Mop
Quality that is affordable, the ideal single-use mop.

The Fast Mop, a single-use mop from meiko Professional, is an innovative solution for fast and affordable use in floor cleaning. The Fast Mop is available in two sizes and fits all standard 40 and 50 cm mop holders. It is lightweight, saves space and is easy to rinse out. It is an excellent alternative for the efficient and affordable cleaning of all flat floor surfaces with its high absorption and dirt-trapping properties and its active cleaning profile.